Medical practice management software

Allscripts Professional PM (formerly HealthMatics Ntierprise) is among the most advanced medical management systems available today. Its user-friendly interface and extensible design make Professional PM the perfect practice management system for medical practices. Allscripts promotes systems integration with established interfaces, industry-standard platforms, open architecture and HL7 compliance.
Professional PM is easier to implement, easier to use, improves the productivity of your administrative staff, simplifies patient record keeping, streamlines billing, improves cash flow, has extraordinary expansion capabilities and much, much more.

Allscripts Professional PM provides a giant leap forward in practice management. With its extensible design and user-friendly interface, Professional PM gives you the power to improve every part of your practice.

  • Digital Dashboard
  • Office Manager
  • Rules-Based Scheduling
  • Patient Check-Out
  • Claims
  • Billing and Collections
  • Reports
  • Integration

Claims Scrubbing/ First Time Final is done internally within the practice management system. Allscripts Professional PM has it’s own line of defense with coding also, it is called Alpha II CLAIMStaker:

  • Eliminate bundling/unbundling errors
  • Ensure medical necessity and ICD-9/ CPT match
  • Ensure all codes are at ultimate specificity
  • Avoid overused "generic" codes and "catch-all" codes
  • Verify existence of UPINS and facility IDs
  • Reduce human errors and discrepancies
  • CCI and LCD editing

HCFA and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) suggest that an essential part of any effective compliance program is establishing a method of detecting, correcting, and preventing coding errors. With CLAIMstaker, you can ensure your claims are compliant with Medicare's front-end format requirements as well as with the complete list of Correct Coding Initiative edits. CLAIMStaker will identify incorrect codes and data, explain the error logic, and allow you to correct mistakes before you submit the claim.

The second line of defense for FIRST TIME FINAL claim submission is through Availity, our leading-edge Health Information Network, which allows us to provide administrative, financial, and clinical services to users. Availity optimizes information exchange between multiple health care stakeholders through a single, secure network. They provide direct relationships by delivering trusted information to enable a more collaborative approach to health care operation and delivery in each region.