Company History

Sensibill was established in 1996 in Fort Worth, Texas and has provided business solutions to physician practices since. Understanding how complicated and expensive the business side of practicing medicine has become, Sensibill has emerged as a leader in technologies for physician applications and movement of data electronically. Sensibill’s founder, Barbara Graham, has been moving data electronically since 1986, prior to the evolution of the internet. Sensibill remains a total practice and revenue cycle management company focused on being in the forefront of providing physician practices the elite solutions in technology.

Some of the Elite Technological Tools include:
  • Document Imaging and storage since 2003
  • HL& Connectivity Engines since inception
  • Automated Coding facilitating PQRI reporting
  • Advanced Internet Connectivity , (EFT, ERA, Remote capture banking, VPN access)
  • ASP availability
  • Dual screens for all of employees

Barbara Graham is the founder and CEO of Sensibill. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing, with a minor in Finance and over 30 years of experience in medical management and billings. Her experience originates with data movement in electronic claims. She founded Claims By Computer in 1986, which has since been sold to Proxy Med, a national electronic claims clearing house. She served on the Board for NEIC early in her electronic data movement career. She has fervor for advanced technological solutions and remaining ahead of the curve for setting the standard in medical billing solutions.