Electronic Medical Record

Sensibill has been going green since 2003 by using document imaging since 2003 and now electronic medical records.

Paper-based records require a significant amount of storage space compared to digital records. In the US, most states require physical records be held for a minimum of seven years. The costs of storage media, such as paper and film, per unit of information differ dramatically from that of electronic storage media. When paper records are stored in different locations, collating them to a single location for review by a healthcare provider is time consuming and complicated, whereas the process can be simplified with electronic records.

In contrast, EMRs can be continuously updated. The ability to exchange records between different EMR systems facilitates the co-ordination of healthcare delivery in non-affiliated healthcare facilities. In addition, data from an electronic system can be used anonymously for statistical reporting in matters such as quality improvement and resource management.


Information is the cornerstone of appropriate health care, and Allscripts Professional EHR superbly manages and delivers Just Right, Just In Time™ patient information through secure access–anytime, anywhere. The EHR solution also includes features that help to improve workflow and staff communication, and an online patient portal for improving practice-patient communication and patient adherence.

  • Online Patient Portal
  • Physician’s Desktop
  • Patient Encounter
  • Health Maintenance
  • Lab and Procedure Orders
  • Medication Management
  • Coding, Billing and Charge Capture
  • Patient Check-Out
  • Reports
  • Security

Allscripts Professional EHR provides physicians and staff with immediate, secure, direct access to patient information, whether in the clinic, at the hospital, or remotely


Allscripts promotes systems integration with established interfaces, industry-standard platforms, open architecture, and HL7 compliance.


Allscripts Professional EHR provides a platform for data interchange so that physician practices can safely and securely provide authorized patient information. Interoperability is critical to connecting patients, providers, and other key stakeholders to deliver on the promise of a seamless healthcare delivery system. Our solution works in real-world and real-time patient care scenarios, providing instant access to a complete clinical record incorporating clinical information from all providers across the continuum of care.

  • Standards based connectivity using CCR and CDA
  • Proven data exchange across multiple stakeholders
  • Easy transition and connectivity options
  • Leader in national initiatives ensuring future compliance