Sensibill has allowed our practice to once again focus on taking care of our patients. Their reliable performance is something I can count on.

Mike Ghiorso, Executive Director, West Florida Cardiology


In the two-plus years that Sensibill has performed radiological billing services for Valley Imaging, I have seen revenues soar to unprecedented levels! The organization has been responsive and sensitive to our needs.

Donald Kaiserman, M.D.


I took the advice of a colleague and put my trust and financial security into Sensibill. They have demonstrated to me that they are an organization consisting of competent, professional, courteous and responsive professionals who are sensitive to my individual needs as a practitioner. 
I would recommend Sensibill without reservation to any provider in the health service industry.

Walter Maynard, M.D.


When you are responsible for one of the premier pediatric practices, with multiple offices and millions of dollars on the line, you need a business partner with not just average skills but a team you could trust to be a part of every aspect of the practice’s medical billing.  I was impressed with the personal touch, the level of interest taken from each agent to the president of Sensibill, Barbara Graham.  Doctors in general do not often have the time to sort through the complexities of maximizing collection techniques, and why should they?  Using an external service provider such as Sensibill allows the doctors to concentrate on patients and provide the highest level of medical care.   Because all of our systems were maintained by Sensibill, we never had to worry about not having the information that the physicians demanded at their fingertips.  
Above all, Sensibill’s practice management system provided us with the latest best practices in the industry, always at or above MGMA standards.

Diane Richey, Practice Administration Fort Worth Pediatrics